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Questions? Few answers here

Price for a full wedding service is 750 euro. That'll paying for two photographers, from the preparation at home for both the bride and the groom, to the end of the party.
Our studio provide photo and video wedding services (pre-wedding as well), we can print your pictures out. On your request, we create phot album both traditionals and digital. All the products are made in Italy by italians experienced techs.
There's not a perfect time to do so, we always try to sadify all the received requests. Though, the "The sooner, the better" saying is always true and it'll avoid problems like a must-refuse option from our side (see why at the next point), due to occupied date.
No. We're trying to provide the best and the exclusive for you service on the chosen date, therefore only one wedding on that date ... Yours!
Our studio is located in Genoa and we normally operate around the area as well as our region. Though, we're travelling wherever the bride and the groom will bring us: national territory or other countries. Depending on the destination, we'll need to figured out the needed expenses.
We're very much oriented to the reportage style. We'll document your day in the most natural and spontaneous way, picking up the most important parts without you even notice us. Of course there'll be the classical photoes as well, such as groups, parents, relatives and so on, but all will be subordinated to the coupple wishes.
If required we have other experienced photographers which working with us.
Yes. On your request, we can provide video service as well. Furthermore, we provide assistance in other important stuff such as the tableau, menues, personalize photo booth (with or without in situ prints), social frames as accessory to the photo booth and more... For other info and general images, please visit the "Extras" page by clicking here. You can also filling the online form at our contacts page, you'll be contacted back ASAP.
Yes, we have different possibilities like protected server web, album creation on FB, Adobe personal area included in our service where you can even likes and comment the images giving us indications while working on, for example, your photo-album.
For every wedding service we prepare a personalized and detailed contract to be signed as per law requirements. Normally, we also require a small initial payment (generally 10%) to officially book and freeze the date you requested.
No problems. If you feel like to ask for something else, we're available for you via mail, phone, or, better yet, a meeting where we can talk face-to-face, show you who we are and what we do. Our job is to provide memories and emotions in the future, so you'll have to need to decide against these parameters as well and not just against the mere price. We will discuss and evaluate together every single price which, at the end, will be just what you were looking for.

Deposit payment